Add an entertaining and informative speaker to your next event.

Enliven, enrich and empower your next women’s meeting or event with an informative talk by Dr. Judith Cothran.  Dr. Cothran is easy to schedule and work with as a pCothran speaker 11opular speaker on women’s health issues.  She’s frank, comfortable with audiences, and humorous on topics that can be weighty and heavy.

Dr. Cothran lectures at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and serves as speaker to women’s organizations on topics as varied as “What to expect from your OB-GYN” to “Managing PCOS.” She has clear advice deciphering guidelines on the frequency of taking mammograms and easily fields questions from the audience with the authority of 20 years’ experience in practice.

Speaking Topics include:

“Understanding your risks for Type II Diabetes”

“What to Expect from your first obstetrics and gynecology visit”

“Five Reasons Preconception Counseling Matters”

Cothran Speaker 222To learn more about Dr. Cothran’s presentations and handouts, or to book her for your event, address your inquiry to Be sure to mention the date of your event, and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.