National Infertility Awareness Week at Women's Health of Chicago

Recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week

This month we’re standing with the N.I.A. to recognize infertility awareness with a focus on preconception counseling, because that’s where education begins.  With preconception counseling at W.H.O.C., Dr. Cothran follows your journey from planning to your first positive pregnancy test or, if needed, referral to a specialist after 12 months of trying without success. Whether you anticipate fertility may be an issue or not, you’ll want an experienced women’s health expert on your team as you consider your first or next pregnancy.

Why Preconception Counseling Is Important in Infertility

Preconception counseling is an important step in your overall health and wellness. It begins about 3 to 4 months before you’re hoping to become pregnant, or when you decide to stop contraception, and it includes evaluation of the following:

  • Overall family plan and emotional well being
  • Medical history and current medications
  • Update of important immunizations
  • Fitness and body mass index
  • Diabetes mellitus and hypoglycemia before conception
  • High blood pressure and borderline H.B.P.
  • Folic acid and other supplements
  • Nutritional guidelines before pregnancy
  • Screening for genetic counseling if needed
  • Vocational issues and ergonomic considerations
  • Optimizing the likelihood of pregnancy

As more women decide to put off starting a family until they’re established in their careers, preconception counseling can help you sort through a range of lifestyle-impacting changes. It can help you avoid preventable complications and prepare for smooth transition through the trimesters of pregnancy. Dr. Judy counsels with compassion and non-judgement, and patients often comment on the ease of discussing sensitive issues after their visits.

Clinical infertility is diagnosed after 12 months of trying to conceive without success. It can be a stressful experience with impact to your relationships. Dr. Cothran guides you through the referral process and counsels you on what to expect.

The goal of preconception counseling is to ensure you’re as healthy as possible before you become pregnant. Partner with Dr. Cothran for women’s health in a caring atmosphere.